The city

Larissa is the capital city of the Region of Thessaly. With a population of over 160.000, it is one of the largest cities in Greece and constitutes an important commercial center.

Urban Area

Situated at the centre of a broad plain south of Mount Olympus, the seat of the mythological gods, it has a long history reflected in monuments dating from the periods of Classical Antiquity, Byzantine and Ottoman rule. Currently Larissa is characterized by the liveliness of its city centre, the hospitality of its residents, the richness of its cultural scene and the continuous improvement of its infrastructures and amenities.

Strategic Place Marketing Plan

It is one of the first two cities in Greece that have adopted and are implementing a Strategic Place Marketing Plan recognizing the need for enhancing the city’s image and outward looking perspective in the context of widening globalization. Larissa’s Strategic Place Marketing Plan was produced by the Laboratory of Tourism Planning, Research and Policy of the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly headed by its Director and Dean of Department, Professor Alex Deffner.